Club Membership Fees

Full club membership fees are collected twice a year, at the beginning of the Summer and Winter seasons on 1st April & 1st October.

Pro rata fees for part year joining are laid out in the table below to take you up to next full membership date.

Currently we accept cash, card & BACS payment. 
In all cases the Treasurer will issue you with a receipt.

​If you are entirely new to the sport, you will need to complete a beginner’s course before you can join. However, if you are looking to transfer over from another club, or take up archery after a break, please contact us as we would love to hear from you!
​If your break is 6 months or more, or from an outside beginners course, we may request you to do an assessment shoot before joining.

(joining month)

full fee
May/November £30.00£15.00
June/December £24.00£12.00
July/January £18.00£9.00
August/February £12.00£6.00
September/March £6.00Free
Pro-rata payments for joining month to next full fee date.

Visually impaired archery

 Castle Moat and Folkestone Bowmen welcomes archers of all abilities. The club is extremely proud to have had elite GB VI Archer, Melissa Carter as one of its members. The club ran a successful indoor archery experience for visually impaired children and teens in February 2012. If you would like to know how to get involved in the sport, please contact our coaches.

Archery for the visually impaired began in Europe in the 1970s, but only took off in clubs up and down the country from the 1980s. Up until then it was only at St. Dunstans archery club, outside Brighton, that VI archery was practised. In 1985, a group of VI archers met with ArcheryGB to formulate the rules for the sport and enable visually impaired and able-bodied archers to compete alongside each other. 

VI archers use sights; either a bowsight or tactile sighting aid, depending on the level of their impairment. Blind Veterans UK Bowmen, has a very good explanation on how VI archery works.